Yeh Meri Zindagi (YMZ) is Pakistani Youth soap based on life of students who study musicology. The show mainly highlights the importance of friendship. The story revolve around the group of five friends popular as Rockers band in the University and how they treat other bands who confront them. The show highlights different relationships that involve, love, jealousy, and hate etc. The show is considered first of its type in Pakistan and gaining popularity among youth due to its unique storyline.

Cast: Nasir Ali Mazari as Sir Habib, Hassan Raza as Ahmed, Amir Rana as Salman, Usman Bandey as Maddy, Umema Butt as Kulsoom, Waqar Ali Zulfiqar as Vicky, Khairiya Farrukh as Jasia, Ammar Shahid as Nael, Maria Naukhez as Zoya, Sheykh Waqas as Adil, Qaiser Shahzad as Zarak, Minal Siddiqui as Hania

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