Why Do I Quit Pakistan?

Bomb blasts, target killing, load shedding, illiteracy, no justice, no jobs, corruption, nepotism …. Well! This is my country, this is PAKISTAN, I am Pakistan, why do I quit then?

“It’s always too soon to quit” – Norman Peale

Quitting is never the solution of any problem; it only gets worse by time and affects everybody else around. Despite of abandoning, one should always face the problems courageously in order to find the way out and curb the glitches endlessly.

Instead, why can’t I live here and fight the circumstances and make it a better place, for my next generation, to live in? Oh! By ‘fight’ I never mean to start a combat and become rebel or hold guns to kill all those who are responsible for this state of affairs.

By fight I mean struggle, make every effort, fight to win, utilizing my abilities, verve and my knowledge and to replace the perverts who have brought my country to the point where its own people are thinking of walking out, and to eradicate this turmoil forever.

“I never said it would be easy; giving up is easy” – Maria V. Snyder

“They” say ’let’s move out of Pakistan, Pakistan has never given us anything’ have you ever asked yourself what you have given to Pakistan? Less than 6 million people were the lucky one who could make it out of 12 million who left their homes, land, families, everything in 1947 to migrate to Pakistan from India, just to acquire freedom, and live in a peaceful sovereign country of their own. Women, Old, Young everyone else was brutally Slaughtered and those who survived were no less than dead,  yet not even One of them complained ”what Pakistan has Given Us? – ‘Pakistan ne hume dia hi Kia’! Your conscience will best answer you.

This does not at all mean that going out of Pakistan is a ‘crime’ or a ‘sin’; despite of that Pakistan needs much skilled people, with edification and training, for its development. Go there, learn things, and give them back to Pakistan. But this does not mean after spending your formative years you come back in your late fifties just to enjoy the superfluity and just sitting back on sofa watching cricket match on LCD with servants around to work for you. This country needs youth, their young minds, fresh ideas and positive energy in order to change the outlook.

Try not to be burden on Pakistan in any case. She requires your faith, your positivism and the dynamism to make things better. Besides, helplessness is the giving-up response, the quitting rejoinder that shadows from the belief that whatever you do doesn’t matter. This is the peculiarity of coward. Heroes are never fraidy-cats. In its place they compete, and turn the pages of history. For this, one should never lose hope and perseverance is the only significant aspect which can lead out of every dark stage. Do your part and leave the rest. As accurately summed up by Lance Armstrong;

“Pain is temporary; quitting is permanent”

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