Tribute to Women of Pakistani Entertainment Industry

Gender equity has far to go in this world let alone Pakistan, yet on our TVs and in silver screen hallways, we have advanced far beyond than any other industry in Pakistan. Entertainment industry has provided ample opportunity for women and established women of substance to influence not just women of Pakistan but around the globe.

TV and films the world over, then now, still woefully need to give women in their businesses more organization and to a greater degree a voice. Considering the patriarchal social space most Pakistani women possess, the impact of authenticity in our movies and TV highlights a stifled upset that may one day develop as the most subversive investigation in the Pakistani media outlet.

Women’s rights were at the front line of another spate of dramas that brought our industry into the global circle. Unwinding standards that represent this patriarchal society is the imminence of women focused families on the TV. Characters in Pakistani entertainment industry for women are a mix of supportive as well as oppressive ones- they are steady and onerous more seasoned ladies as moms, close relatives and spouses in practically every dramatization who are more than personifications. They are muddled characters with trusts and battles, and a lot of screen time is spent indicating collaborations between every one of these women.

A hefty portion of our stories assemble age-old generalizations that reflect patriarchal states of mind towards female ethical quality. Any reasonable person would agree our media outlet, with every one of its deficiencies, has no lack of different roles for women. We have made a domain where characters are in various limits firm, battling, forgiving, clever, defective, pitiful, old and youthful. These women rise up out of an account that still has a place with men, and flourish in an industry that spots them under a magnifying instrument. Their exhibitions and screen time is sufficient to demonstrate that there is an interest for progressively and that request has been there for quite a while. A large number of us don’t recognize this, however the time has come to observe the sexual orientation upset on our screens and consider it to be an indication of better stories to come.

Not only women on screen but also off screen women has also done wonders in this industry. Pakistani entertainment industry proudly badges world class directors, producers, writers, singers etc. all women, thriving to make this industry a better and accommodating place for women in coming years.

All these women working in the Entertainment industry of Pakistan have some genuine ability and unpretentious potential. It unquestionably isn’t simple to work in an industry where you are dependably at the danger of open and regularly feedback generally in the form of criticism on social media especially targeting women.

Filmazia has always thrived to show women of substance and resolve through our platforms because we are aware of the influence our society takes from women on screen. We are selective about the content ensuring portrayal of women to the best of treatment they deserve to inculcate positivity in this society. Because;

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”

These all women deserve an applause and TODAY, on Women’s Day, Filmazia salutes these women who have apart from being entertainers, have also become ambassadors of women’s rights, their issues, gave voice to their sisters, influence many out there and above all initiated entrepreneurial ventures to support the women of Pakistan. Such dominant, leading and powerful women constitute the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

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