Pakistan Speaking For Itselfs

Despite of the fact that, what everybody says and believes especially outside Pakistan, that my folks are not united, they are corrupt, this nation is illiterate and uncivilized just look at the perseverance with which my people are not just surviving but living actually.

There is shortage of basic necessities like; gas, electricity and water, and facilities like health, education and safety are limited to few lucky ones. Security conditions are worse; Pakistan seems to be at war, with external evils and also snakes of sleeve. Blasts, target killing and operations are a routine now.

Still I am not lagging behind. I have youngest Microsoft Certified professionals, my students make world records in CIE, I have best players around the world, philanthropists and humanitarians like Edhi and Ansar Burney are Pakistani, award winning novelists, scientists, noble prize holders, Oscar winners and what not. Still you doubt about the capabilities of my people?

And besides all these goodies, what my nation possesses can be found nowhere. These people have the zeal to make things better, to live on, and not just live but live happily. You will never find food places vacant even late at night, markets are all crowded, and besides that we know how to celebrate little happenings around. This country was blossoming with spring festival held everywhere, from school to government level. My people know how to rejoice the winning of our team or and seasonal happenings.

This nation is comparative to none, valor, passion, diligence, optimism and vigor is all exemplary. My people know how not just to cope, but also how to come out of the worst situations, and they know it well. I have this pride and poise in my people, besides some black sheep’s who are not loyal to me, and they get the lesson sooner or later, these people are sincere and will never abandon me. Till the last day there will be people shouting their hearts out;

Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Paindabad

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