Dil Se Dil Tak: Has Parth Decided to Propose Teni?

The story of Dil Se Dil Tak has taken a beautiful turn ever since Parth realized his feelings for Teni. There have been several sweet moments when both Parth and Teni are seen being apart but carrying true feelings for each other, although they aren’t even sure about each other’s feelings.



Parth proved his true friendship for Teni after he turned up for couples’ dance competition happening in the chawl. Not only that, Parth also fights with the people in the chawl to make them believe that he isn’t an outsider but one of them after the organizers refuse to give Parth and Teni the first prize. Parth decides to do a tapori style dance. Teni on one hand feels skeptical about Parth’s move but also on the other hand feels that he is taking so much of efforts only for her.



More this week we will see how Chutkan mixes alcohol in Parth and Teni’s drinks and the duo express each other’s true feelings. They later get caught by the police in a drunken state and are taken to the jail.

After dadi and dadi get to know about this they feel happy. Parth’s father goes to release them from jail.



After all these episodes Parth finally makes the move and thinks of proposing Teni.

Will he actually be able to do so? What will be Teni’s reaction? Will she decide to drop the plan of going to America or there is an unexpected turn coming up in their story?

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