Societal Implications of Foreign Content! Is it really cultural invasion?

Societal Implications of Foreign Content! Is it really cultural invasion?

Societal Implications of Foreign Content! Is it really cultural invasion?

Human being have proclivity to alter his thought process toward certain direction the way he perceives things based on exposure, and especially when it is globalization where everyone is networked.  There is a need to understand that what could be the implications of foreign content in our society.

Media is undoubtedly the catalyst of change that unlocks the directions to look deeply into other worlds and open ways to vast communication landscapes. The term cultural invasion often attributed with media to shut down the communication that comes through foreign content exposure. Cultural invasion taken as being attacked by the cross cultural practices such as Hinduism, Westernization, moving toward modernism and eliminating own cultural conducts, but one cannot negate this fact that cross cultural breeding is not new phenomenon but has histories to discover, but obviously mass media technologies contributed a lot in spreading it immensely.

Healthy competition is always worthy to deliver quality products that constantly explore ways to improve things. The viewing habits of Pakistani audience clearly showing trends incessantly that what they want to watch on TV. Foreign content definitely setting trends for local industry to flourish at the level it can compete internationally.

Another important fact is that welcoming others products create harmony between different societies, and helps to understand the deep cultural practices of these societies by analyzing their approach towards life and how their generation is moving , media is the only tool that narrate the ideologies and strategic approaches of nations. Content moves across boarder due to these relevancies that defines true phenomenon of global village.

There are two most important areas of evaluating foreign content implications in Pakistani context.

  1. Cultural Relevancy
  2. Story Relevancy

Culture Relevancy: Is Content Cultural Fit?

Almost every human behavior is learned through its cultural implications. Cultural elements such as, values and beliefs, norms, symbols and language, morals and artifacts defines the identity of any society & its folks who adhere to them. A contrast of one culture to another uncover evident differences, however all societies additionally share common elements, called cultural universals, the attributes that are globally common to all social orders. For instance, Family unit is one of the cultural universal: each human culture perceives a family structure. Even so, how that family unit is interpreted and how it functions vary.

Cultural diversity within a society is also an important aspect. It happens because of ethnic varieties within a society and also the minorities who practice their socio cultural patterns. Religious depiction creates limitation due to its sensitive nature especially for foreign content in Pakistani social settings that should be critically checked while broadcasting foreign content. How other societies behave in their cultural settings could be identified with foreign content exposure, but it depends on us how we maintain our individuality.

2: Identifying Story Relevancy in Domestic Context

Every person is the sum of numerous stories and also share relevancies about life & its survival. For example, Human instincts are fundamental, their emotional categories are same. Everyone need true love, happy family, success and professional growth, healthy lifestyle and desire to be standout, and  at the same time their problems could be relatable that depends on the situation where an individual lives and struggles. These struggles bring different societies together and people start to influence each other where they recognize other does and try to implement their models in order to solve their problems. This is the point where audience of any society can relate each other.

There are also fundamental subjects that have great relevancy to all the societies but these subjects should be checked under national interest such as national identity, basic human rights, minorities’ rights, press freedom and role of media, religious practices, and role of public institutions, political and economic ideologies, and military leadership.

The foreign content selection should be according to meaningful symbolic representation that falls in Pakistani context. The world is packed with symbols that convey recognizable meanings that are shared by societies. The media regulatory measures should be applied to evaluate the dynamics of foreign content implication in accordance with cultural and societal perspective.

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